Meet HMCKC Board Member: Michelle Fox

  • When did you become part of HMCKC?

       My first experience was attending a holiday concert in 1996. I absolutely loved it. I felt so warmly embraced by an instant family.  Not only could I see that the Chorus was proud, strong, and fun-loving, but the audience also contributed to creating an inviting and congenial atmosphere.  I have tried not to miss the holiday concert (in particular) since that time, because it always brings a great sense of family, love, and graciousness.  I became truly involved in 2003 when my wife joined the Board, and we volunteered regularly for events.

  • Why did you want to join the HMCKC board?

   When we returned to KC, after living away for 5 years, I knew I wanted to immediately reconnect with the Chorus.  I wanted to join the Board to help lead the Chorus during the difficulties of COVID, overcome those challenges, and meaningfully contribute to this ever-evolving group of dedicated people. I hope to provide intelligent, practical, and considerate leadership while the Chorus continues to develop as a creative, innovative, and community-building organization.

  • What song makes you happy?

“Walking on Sunshine” and “I Shoulda Been a Cowboy”