Just in time for PRIDE, Rise Up! takes you on a musical journey through the spirit of activism and the fight for equality. Through powerful storytelling and moving performances, we celebrate the inspiring individuals who have paved the way for a world of love and acceptance. From the Civil Rights Movement to the ongoing fight for LGBTQ+ rights, Rise Up! showcases music that empowers us to stand up for justice and equality. Join us for a musical experience that will fill you with inspiration, empowerment, and a renewed commitment to celebrate diversity.

Saturday | June 15 | 7:30 pm

C. Stephen Metzler Hall at The Folly Theater

Sunday | June 16 | 3:30 pm

C. Stephen Metzler Hall at The Folly Theater

“Full and sonorous with wonderful intonation…filled with energy, laughter, and passion.”
– KCMetropolis.org

Below, see some of our favorite scenes from our 2022 concert, Unbreakable.