Meet Travis Zirkle

Travis, a Bass, is the HMC member that travels the farthest to come to rehearsals and other events. 424 miles round trip and 6 hours in the car provides a lot of time to listen to rehearsal tracks and prepare for upcoming concerts. You might ask, ‘Why does he travel that far?”  Travis was able to check out HMC back in 2016 after a change in his schedule. When he sang with HOA Men’s Chorus he participated in a joint concert with HMC and instantly could sense the quality of the music as well as the member camaraderie. He joined for 1 concert and is still actively engaged 4 years later. Travis stays because he likes being part of something much bigger, feels like he has grown musically and personally, he’s made a forever friend with his first cycle Concert Buddy, and the impact the chorus has on our members, the audience and our community.

One of his best HMC experiences was yet another road trip to the GALA Festival in Denver. Travis had been to GALA before as part of another singing group, but this time was different. His interaction and support from roommates, time on the bus getting to know fellow singers and the overall experience all provided time to make those connections that build the HMC family connection.

Music must be in his blood, however.  He once held a position as a Manager and Buyer at the iconic Tower Records in West Hollywood, CA.  Outside of work and HMC, Travis loves to travel and uses some of his time away to see other GALA choruses perform.  He is also interested in historical preservation and when not driving enjoys reading extensively.