Meet Brian Larios

When Brian is not off camping or boating with his husband, he can be found in the Tenor 2 section of HMC.  Originally from Ottawa, KS he has been singing off and on with the chorus for about 6 years.  He had several friends who already sang, always enjoyed going to concerts and he loves to sing so it was a natural fit to become a member.  Joining has enabled Brian to be part of a movement to support people of all faiths, races and political perspectives.  A road trip for a joint concert with the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus in 2017 allowed him to deepen his friendships with other chorus members. Sharing that experience and being on a bus for that long will do that!

Brian’s support of the arts is evident by his involvement in HMC and many community theater productions.  From roles in The Music Man, Victor/Victoria and The Grand Hotel to Spamalot and The Addams Family, Brian still finds time to sing with HMC and perform in other fundraising benefits for local theaters.  When asked to use a hashtag to describe himself he said #insecure-extrovert.  That is something to think about as you get to know him and about all his community involvement.  It is not a surprise that if he won the lottery that he would provide donations to many KC Arts Organizations, HMC being one of them.  He would also provide a large chunk to other charities in need, help out his family and travel more to enjoy life.