Meet Mark Plyler

Mark moved to Kansas City back in 2014, the same year he joined HMC. Music and singing have always been a part of his life and HMC was a way to jump into the community and meet new people. Mark is a Tenor 2 and one of his favorite things about the chorus is seeing it all come together during concert week. During a regular season, that equals three weeks a year. The excitement of the music, the production, lighting, sound, and audience reaction make for an amazing experience.

One of Mark’s jobs that he really loved, even after ten years, was tending bar at a Japanese restaurant. It may have made him a bit of a sushi snob, but eating raw fish hasn’t swayed him from the kitchen. He loves to cook and bake, which seems like a very common pastime for many chorus members.  He also is big into antiquing and collecting handmade pottery; both show artistic creativity. Mark is looking forward to one day attending live theater again, and if he won the lottery, he would probably give it all away. HMC would be one of the recipients, of course.

It can sometimes be difficult to accept yourself and as a Freshman in college, Mark decided to take that step. He wanted to be true to himself and it was the best decision he ever made. His hashtag, which hopefully many who read this can relate to, is #ProudToBeMe!