Meet Kevin Bradley

Originally from St. Joseph, MO, this week, let’s meet Kevin. Kevin joined during our ABBA concert in 2018; he is still a ‘newish’ member of the Bass section. He recently really earned his wings as part of a flight attendant duo in last years’ Making Spirit’s Bright holiday show. He’s also jumped in as a volunteer at the HMC Pride Dunk Tank, where he enjoys getting to know our audience and the community more.

A former music lesson child, Kevin wishes he had stuck with practicing and progressing. He saw HMC as a way to bring music back into his life and when a friend in the chorus heard him sing, he invited him to join. In addition to the performances, he is enjoying the fellowship with other members. The ability to meet new people, crack jokes with each other, and a welcome space to continue to grow as a singer.

Kevin accidentally came out his Senior year of High School, unfortunately, he also outed a friend at the same time. It made for a very uncomfortable graduation, but he’s been out ever since that mistake made while talking to friends. What isn’t a mistake is the hashtag he picked to describe himself, #SuperGeek.  Kevin loves science fiction and urban fantasy books and movies. When not listening to classic rock, perhaps while cooking and baking, he is proud to be a DC man over Marvel. This may cause some rivalries now that the word is out.