Meet New HMCKC Board Member: Danny Shervington-Bair

The HMCKC Board of Directors welcomed two new members starting in August. One of those is very familiar with the chorus because he is also a singing member. Danny Shervington-Bair is no stranger to the stage and also to Kansas City. Danny joined HMCKC in January of 2022 and his first concert was ‘Whitney’ in March of 2022. 

“I joined the HMC Chorus and the board because it has helped me find my voice within the LGBTQ+ community. Singing with this vibrant group not only rekindled my passion for music but also provided a creative outlet that I had been missing for years. Moreover, being part of this community work has helped me build my confidence and become more actively involved in making a positive impact,” says Shervington-Bair.

See Danny and the rest of the chorus in ‘A Very Merry Christmas Pageant’ December 2nd and 3rd at the Folly Theater and December 10th at Yardley Hall. Tickets at