Meet Mike Sigler

Let’s meet Mike Sigler.  Mike joined HMC in 1992, that’s 27 years of song and dance and experience.  His smile and wit can light up a Tuesday night rehearsal, as well as his upper range as a Tenor 1.  One of his more unusual jobs he’s held over the years was as a tennis instructor back in college.  He continued in this position for a few years which must be why he is a natural at all the hand movements we use to accompany many of our songs.

Mike has met amazing people as a result of being in HMC.  New singers come in every year, festivals allow members to meet people from choruses all over the US and the world, guest performers, and joint concert events in other cities.  The opportunity to sing in front of KC civic leaders at a traveling Smithsonian exhibit comes to mind as a very fond memory made with his family in song.  Mike has a passion for social justice and if he won the lottery, he would donate most of his winnings to a charitable foundation.

A KCMO native Mike enjoys travel, gardening, reading and oh yeah, singing too!

See Mike onstage at our next performance as we present Smitten With Britain on March 28-29, 2020 at the Folly Theater. Visit our tickets page for more info!