Meet Doug Hutchinson

Doug grew up in Circleville, KS, a small town about two hours from Kansas City.  It’s no wonder that on weekends he likes to escape to his farm and get back to the nature that helps to ground him.  If he won the lottery he would disappear for a while, somewhere he could most likely camp and garden and cook.   His alone time complements his busy time spent here in the city with work and with HMC.

After many years without music in his life he has enjoyed the past 7 years as a Baritone in HMC.  “It is wonderful being back in music” and some of his fondest memories are those songs that give him the chills.  If you sing you know what these are, songs that hit you in a rehearsal or a performance that give you ‘the feels’. He joined HMC when a friend talked him into it but has stayed because of the friendships he has made and the personal growth he has benefited from individually.

An interesting fact about Doug, he once worked as a living mannequin.  It must have been difficult to not use his quick wit and great smile in that role.

See Doug onstage at our next performance as we present Smitten With Britain on March 28-29, 2020 at the Folly Theater. Visit our tickets page for more info!