Matthew Schulte, Board Member

I’m down with the crown! Matthew Schulte grew up in Prairie Village, Kansas and studied Sports Management at NYU. As a member of the Heartland Men’s Chorus Board for three years, Matt has aspired to make an impact for Kansas City organizations that excite his passions.I wanted to find a way to be involved, with not being a singing member.” 


His first job was working at Sheridan’s Frozen Custard, scooping ice cream and making shakes and dirt n’ worms! You’ll find him today, 8 ½ years with the Kansas City Royals. Currently, he serves as the Sr. Manager, Special Events & Promotions. In his spare time, he is a real sports enthusiast. He enjoys Skiing, Softball, Tennis, Golf, and a plethora of college sports. He also enjoys movies, Forrest Gump being his favorite, television shows, and has a love for sunflowers.


Wanting to make a difference in Kansas City and its organizations, Matt leaves an impression in all the groups he serves. Just to name a few, Matthew is on the Board of Kansas City Youth Symphony, the Board of Greater Kansas City Attractions Association, and gives of his time to the Centurions Leadership Program. He loves to spread the message everyday of “Be True.”


He chose an interesting and personal way to come out in stages at 25. Matt used an article in the blog The article since has helped others know that they are not alone, and we all share similar feelings and emotions. “It was a rather public way of coming out, but for me it worked perfectly to tie my connection to sports and to have someone else tell my story.” 


Being an Arts enthusiast, he’s a fan of both musicals and classical music. Heartland Men’s Chorus has expanded his musical palate. Although not a singing member, the community and music excellence thrill him. “I have been moved by every show, with a few tears and laughs along the way.”


When asked about powerful and favorite memories of being in Heartland Men’s Chorus, many people answered with a humorous anecdote. That wasn’t the same with Matt. His favorite memory about being in the Chorus was watching the group rally together after the Pulse Night Club shooting. “Seeing the outreach that the Chorus did at that time was powerful and needed.” Heartland Men’s Chorus is lucky to have him on our Board. Meet Matthew Schulte. #RoyalPain