KCMetropolis.org Editor’s Picks 2011-2012 season

Two HMC concerts were chosen my the editors of KCMetropolis.org as “Best of 2011-2012 Season.”

Heartland Men’s Chorus: “All You Need is Love” (June 2012)

HMC’s debut performance in Muriel Kauffman Theatre was everything we love about HMC with even more elaborate and polished production value. The men of Kansas City’s resident feel-good choir radiate fun and joy, and beloved Beatles pop tunes were a perfect fit. This uplifting, heartwarming tribute to the Fab Foursome was full of HMC’s signature costumes, dancing, energy, and emotion.

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Heartland Men’s Chorus: “When I Knew” (March 2012)

This touching, energetic concert paid tribute to the moments when chorus members or their friends and family realized that they were gay. The program was half adorable-kids-story and half tear-jerking testimonials, and I was not the only one who was just openly weeping by the end, so moved was I by the experiences of these brave men and their families.

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