Chuck Comstock, Tenor 2

Andrew Lloyd Weber told us “Love Changes Everything.” Our next “From the Heart” individual gives out his love every day. Charles Comstock is a Kansas City native, who is often referred to by his nickname “Chuck.” Chuck has been with the Heartland Men’s Chorus for a total of eight years as a Tenor 2. However, these aren’t consecutive years. Chuck actually was one of the founding members of HMC in 1986; after 20 years living in other cities, he returned to Kansas City and singing with this Chorus in 2015.

As a child, he would often be in the kitchen with his Grandmother; however, as an adult, Chuck was a Preschool Teacher. In his spare time, Chuck enjoys reading, pottery, swimming, as well as assisting with Kansas City organizations, such as AIDSWalk. Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird made an obvious impact on Chuck, as it is both his favorite book and movie.

Perhaps the memory nearest to his heart is the day he married Jeff Greek at Niagara Falls. After the ceremony, a stranger came to them crying. This individual expressed the admiration felt to witness the wedding.

A brave man, Chuck answered truthfully and honestly when asked about rumors referring to his sexuality. Shortly after coming out, Chuck joined the Heartland Men’s Chorus. “I love to sing, and I wanted the friendship of gay men.” Being diagnosed as HIV positive, the Chorus gave him mentors on dealing with life and death. Heartland Men’s Chorus has affected him “profoundly.”

Heartland Men’s Chorus is one of the most recognized arts organizations in the Midwest. The Chorus spends a great deal of time together. Through it all, there is nothing better than its shared stories and laughter. “The Chorus is my family.” La Cage Aux Folles describes Chuck in one sentence. “I am who I am.” Meet Charles “Chuck” Comstock. #EclecticHuggingBear