Jordan Michels 

Why did you want to join?

I was in need of a place to escape and be able to just experience the joy of making music. I honestly didn’t know much about the choir beforehand, but I was warmly welcomed in. Even though the pandemic hit before I could join in person I was still able to join and experience a wonderful place to make meaningful music virtually. Through my computer screen, I felt such positive vibes that have helped me more than you know.

What song makes you happy?

‘Shake It Out’ (Glee version though) is so beautiful with all the different voices. Runner up, ‘I Give It All’ from the FOX TV Show “Star”. Gospel and I are barely acquainted, but this song is my new best friend. 

What are you looking forward to after the pandemic? 

Leaving my house and leaving my computer off to come to choir practice. Secondly, not wearing a mask. It’s the simple things for me. Haha.