Kim became a HeartLight Member in September 2001.

Why did you join HeartLight?

I came to a couple of practices after my husband joined the chorus and found out about the HeartLight group. Even though we are a straight couple, I felt real acceptance there and wanted to learn more about how to support the mission of the chorus. I loved getting to know the members and we have made some great, lasting friendships through this group. I’m not a religious person, but I believe we were led to join this group, and it has made a difference in our lives over the last twenty years.

What song makes you happy?

A song that makes me happy is Everything Possible. I know that seems odd because I most often hear it at funerals, but it makes me happy because it talks about how love lasts long after we are gone. I love that legacy.

What are you looking forward to after the pandemic?

I like my home but I’m ready to get out of here! I look forward to seeing family and chorus members and getting some HUGS!! I really miss my sister and I’m ready to go on a quilting retreat!