Don’t Miss the Garden Party!

The annual Garden Party to benefit Heartland Men’s Chorus is being planned for the Spring of 2018. Stay tuned for complete details!


Tickets: $75

Call (816) 931-3338 to reserve your ticket!

Become a Garden Party Patron

As a Garden Party Patron ($300, includes 2 tickets to the Garden Party), you will be recognized as one who supports the mission of Heartland Men’s Chorus at a significant level. Now is your opportunity to show your passion for HMC and all we do for the community.

Call (816) 931-3338 to become a patron!

Garden Party Patrons 2017

Terry Anderson & Michael Henry

Erik Bergrud & Kimberlee Ried

Dan & Sharon Brown

Pete Browne & Julie Walker-Browne

Dustin Cates & Dr. Raymond Cattaneo

Robert Clark & Michael Stevenson

Bob Cody

Chris Coffey & Chuck Michel

David Cohn

Jim Corrick & Newt Jones

Jim Crist & Kevin Hobbs

Steve Dodge & Paul Elo

Steve Greer

Dr. Alan Grimes

Ross Haynes & Mark Seely

New Theatre Restaurant, Dennis Hennessy

Lisa Hickok

Debra & Keith Hohly

Dan Hubbard & Ron Smith

Cathy Jambrosic & Michele Stauffer

Jim Kogel & Larry Harmon

Brian Larios & Chuck Harper

Michael Lintecum & John Pinkerton

Don & Carol Nistler

Bob Pauly & Rocky Mountain

J.D. Perkins & Joe Hudec

Jim Pimentel & Damon Roberts

J.D. Schiermeyer & Robb Gutierrez

Mike Sigler

Rev. Carol Stubbs Smith

David Stagg

Jarene & Lee Stanford

Stephanie Steiniger

Matthew J. Stretz & Stewart J. Smith

Tom Sullivan & Pat Kelley

Greg Thurman & Don White

Todd Wegener

Keith & Anne Wiedenkeller

Brian D. Williams

John & Suz Williams