Don’t Miss the Garden Party!

Our host Kris Hennessy throws open the doors to her beautiful Old Leawood home on Sunday afternoon, May 20, 2018. Guests will enjoy specialty cocktails made with Union Horse Distilling Company’s Reserve Straight (hehe) Bourbon Whiskey while savoring a Barbecue feast full of smoky goodness.

Heartland Men’s Chorus’ Garden Party is a favorite annual event as everyone takes a deep breath to relax and enjoy conversation, friendships, and nature’s beauty in Kansas City. And it’s okay if Bourbon isn’t your choice, select from a full bar of Union Horse spirits and soft drinks to quench your thirst.

Don’t miss your chance to support the important work of Heartland Men’s Chorus at the Bourbon & Barbecue Garden Party!

Single guest tickets are available for $75 each.

Become a Garden Party Patron

Become a Garden Party Limited Patron for only $300 which includes two tickets and an exclusive tour of the stunning home and grounds. You will also be listed as a patron in the marketing materials and invitations.  Now is your opportunity to show your passion for HMC and all we do for the community.

Or call (816) 931-3338 to make your reservations!

Garden Party Patrons 2017

Terry Anderson & Michael Henry

Erik Bergrud & Kimberlee Ried

Dan & Sharon Brown

Pete Browne & Julie Walker-Browne

Dustin Cates & Dr. Raymond Cattaneo

Robert Clark & Michael Stevenson

Bob Cody

Chris Coffey & Chuck Michel

David Cohn

Jim Corrick & Newt Jones

Jim Crist & Kevin Hobbs

Steve Dodge & Paul Elo

Steve Greer

Dr. Alan Grimes

Ross Haynes & Mark Seely

New Theatre Restaurant, Dennis Hennessy

Lisa Hickok

Debra & Keith Hohly

Dan Hubbard & Ron Smith

Cathy Jambrosic & Michele Stauffer

Jim Kogel & Larry Harmon

Brian Larios & Chuck Harper

Michael Lintecum & John Pinkerton

Don & Carol Nistler

Bob Pauly & Rocky Mountain

J.D. Perkins & Joe Hudec

Jim Pimentel & Damon Roberts

J.D. Schiermeyer & Robb Gutierrez

Mike Sigler

Rev. Carol Stubbs Smith

David Stagg

Jarene & Lee Stanford

Stephanie Steiniger

Matthew J. Stretz & Stewart J. Smith

Tom Sullivan & Pat Kelley

Greg Thurman & Don White

Todd Wegener

Keith & Anne Wiedenkeller

Brian D. Williams

John & Suz Williams