Kansas City's Gay Men's Chorus
Kansas City's Gay Men's Chorus

Garden Party

Don’t Miss the Garden Party!


GPSpring in Kansas City is the most beautiful time of the year, so why not join Heartland Men’s Chorus as we present our famous Garden Party at a spectacular not-to-be-missed home that is beautiful and charming. Plans are underway to make the 2017 Garden Party a fabulous way to relax as you enjoy delicious hors d’oeuvres and libations with friends old and new in a setting meant to be savored and enjoyed.


Tickets: $75

Order Online or call (816) 931-3338 to reserve your ticket!

Become a Garden Party Patron

As a Garden Party Patron ($300, includes 2 tickets to the Garden Party), you will be recognized as one who supports the mission of Heartland Men’s Chorus at a significant level. Now is your opportunity to show your passion for HMC and all we do for the community.

Become a Patron

Last Year’s Garden Party Patrons

Chris Abele
Bank of Kansas City
Ellen Bradbury
Mike Brown
Sharon & Dan Brown
William Brown
Pete B. Browne & Julie Walker Browne
Tim & Karen Carlin
Dustin S. Cates & Dr. Raymond Cattaneo
Steve Chinn
Robert Claassen
Robert J. Cody
Christopher Coffey & Charles Michel
Jim Crist & Kevin Hobbs
Kyle Danner
Steve Dodge & Paul Elo
Steve Greer
Dr. Alan Grimes
Richard Gutknecht & David Waltemath
Larry Harrison & Don Taylor
Darren Haun
Rob Hill
Chuck Hitzeman & Joe Perry, Artisan Design & Development
Rev. Keith & Debra Hohly
Dan Hubbard & Ron Smith
David Hunker
Cathy Jambrosic & Michele Stauffer
Newt Jones & Jim Corrick
Bruce Kay & Bruce Roberts
Jim Kogel & Larry Harmon
Larry LaVigne II
C. Thomas Mulligan
Carol & Don Nistler
Robert Pauly & Rocky Mountain
J.D. Perkins & Joe Hudec
Paul Russell, ej4
J.D. Schiermeyer & Robert Gutierrez
Matthew Schulte
Katheryn Shields & Philip Cardarella
J. Michael Sigler & Greg Oborny
Rev. Carol Stubbs Smith
Dr. David L. Stagg
Jarene & Lee Stanford
Matthew J. Stretz & Stewart J. Smith
Tom Sullivan & Pat Kelley
Greg Thurman & Don White
Two Birds Artisan Spirits
Todd Wegener
Brian Weide
Kevin White
Keith & Anne Wiedenkeller
Barbara & Don Wigger
Brian Williams in memory of Steve Metzler