Bourbon & Barbecue – Garden Party 2018!

Our host Kris Hennessy threw open the doors to her beautiful Old Leawood home on Sunday afternoon, May 20, 2018 to welcome Garden Party patrons and guests who enjoyed specialty cocktails made with Union Horse Distilling Company’s Reserve Straight (hehe) Bourbon Whiskey while savoring a Barbecue feast full of smoky goodness.

Heartland Men’s Chorus’ Garden Party is a favorite annual event as everyone takes a deep breath to relax and enjoy conversation, friendships, and nature’s beauty in Kansas City.

Thanks to all who made the Bourbon & Barbecue Garden Party a great success to support the Chorus!

View our event photo album below!

Garden Party Patrons 2018

Anne & Bruce Bagley

David Beal & Daryl Olson

Dan & Sharon Brown

William L. Brown

Dustin Cates & Dr. Raymond Cattaneo

Robert J. Cody

Chris Coffey & Chuck Michel

Charles Cordray & Shawn Moore

Jim Corrick & Newt Jones

Jim Crist & Kevin Hobbs

Paul Elo & Steve Dodge

Eric Gold

Steve Greer

Dr. Alan Grimes

Rick Gutknecht & Sebastian Dutra

Bill & Paula Hankins

Ross Haynes & Mark Seely

Rob Hill

Rodney Hill

Keith & Debra Hohly

Dan Hubbard & Ron Smith

Cathy Jambrosic & Michele Stauffer

Jim Kogel & Larry Harmon

Nancy Larabee

Brian Larios & Chuck Harper

Jeff Light

JoZach Miller & Peter Bali

Powell Minnis & Darrell Naeger

Linda Mitchell

Tom Mulligan

Don & Carol Nistler

Bob Pauly & Rocky Mountain

J.D. Perkins & Joe Hudec

Cliff Schiappa

Michael Schnetzer

Matthew Schulte

Alex Shapiro & Raymond Berger

Katheryn Shields & Philip Cardarella

Mike Sigler

Rev. Carol Stubbs Smith

Dr. David L. Stagg

Matthew Stretz & Stewart Smith

Tom Sullivan & Pat Kelley

Curt Thomas & Peter Sunderman

Greg Thurman & Don White

Tim Van Zandt & Chris Beal

Nick Vargo

Todd Wegener

Joy Wheeler

Kevin White

Keith & Anne Wiedenkeller

Brian Williams

John & Suz Williams