UPDATE – June, 2021

The Folly Theater has advised us that they believe they will be fully operational and open at full capacity for the 2021-2022 season starting in the Fall. Accordingly, we have planned and announced a concert season. You can explore the details about the Holiday, Spring and Summer programs under the ‘Performances’ tab on our Website.

UPDATE – MAY, 2021

On May 10, 2021, the Heartland Men’s Chorus board of directors announced that in-person rehearsals of singing members who have completed their Covid vaccination regimen will resume in September, 2021 with whatever protocols are recommended, appropriate and necessary at that time. Although It is not yet known what the possibilities will be for public performances, nor venue capacities or restrictions, we are excited to embrace the new normal that allows making music in-person once again! Please check back for more information about upcoming in-person and virtual auditions for Season 36!


The Heartland Men’s Chorus board of directors released the following statement on July 20, 2020:


The Coronavirus has affected us all. For the first time in our 34-year history we cancelled concerts and fundraising events. For the first time in our 34-year history we are not together, singing. For the first time in our 34-year history we aren’t able to bring our community together. Nevertheless, our primary commitment must be the health, safety and well-being of our members and audience family.

We’re in an uncertain time. At present, the surging of cases continues to rise while the medical and scientific experts tell us that choral singing will not be a safe activity until there is an effective vaccine for COVID-19. Health professionals and government regulations provide some clarity on what we can and cannot do, but it’s ever evolving. We are staying abreast of the newest research and studies that continue to provide us with informed decision-making for Heartland Men’s Chorus alongside our colleagues in choral organizations around the world.

We are planning for many scenarios and contingencies based on what we know, and when we know it. We wish we were able to tell everybody right now what the answers are for participation in singing rehearsals, how audiences might be able to attend HMC performances, and our OUTreach into the community. Presently, the virus blockades our traditional community connections – but we will be back! We just don’t know when.

We will not allow our legacy to be erased. Please be confident that we are not sitting idle, but rather embracing our current world through a lens of change and innovation. Through it all, we are steadfast in our gratitude to each of you and send you and your families our love and best wishes.