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From the heart

By Mike Alley November 14, 2017 In this roiling era of discrimination and intolerance, the messages of acceptance and humanity in the Heartland Men’s Chorus’s fall concert was truly a welcome reminder of the truth of Maya Angelou’s words, “We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.” Let me say right at the top: From the […]

Todd Gregory-Gibbs on “1,000 Beautiful Things”

Beginning rehearsals for musical documentary “Modern Families” (presented March 2015), I didn’t anticipate the relationship I was about to have with Annie Lennox’s remarkable song “A Thousand Beautiful Things” (“Bare” 2003). I first joined HMC in 1990 and a lot can happen in 27 years. My chorus family has been beside me through many milestones; […]

Rev. Carol Stubbs Smith on “I Sing Out”

When I chose to fund Heartland Men’s Chorus’ commissioning of composer Mark Hayes to create a piece that would support HMC’s vision statement, I had no idea how perfect his work would be, that with every crescendo it would enlighten, inspire, heal and empower… and then some! Times have changed, thank goodness, for LGBT men […]

Nancy Nail on “I Love You More”

HMC Guest Soloist Nancy Nail Shares Thoughts on What Singing the Role of Jane Clementi in Tyler’s Suite Has Meant to Her. Singing “I Love You More” from Tyler’s Suite has been life changing for me. I have always, always enjoyed singing with HMC but this song has become very special. After getting the call to sing […]

Brian William on “Everything Possible”

 I fell in love with Fred Small’s beautiful lullaby, “Everything Possible,” when I first heard it on The Flirtations maiden album in 1990.  Chills still run down my spine whenever I hear it sung by Heartland Men’s Chorus. “Everything Possible” is a parent’s song of unconditional love and affirmation, and of unlimited possibilities for living […]

HMC’s “From the Heart”

HMC’s “From the Heart:”  A virtual “greatest hits” that connects with long-time audience members and the community. KANSAS CITY, MO (September 29, 2017) — Dustin S. Cates, Artistic Director of Heartland Men’s Chorus (HMC), announced Monday their 32nd year will start for the first time in the month of November by adding a fall performance, From […]

Are you stunned? We’d like to politely suggest you should be!

This morning the Associated Press reported on the ongoing fallout from President Trump’s unpatriotic proposal to ban open military service for transgender Americans – and we are stunned at what we read: “Discussions [among Pentagon personnel] illustrate that Trump’s aides aren’t writing off his three-tweet salvo last week as an isolated outburst but as guidance for an […]

Show me the tunes!

By Anthony Rodgers June 13, 2017 The Heartland Men’s Chorus paid tribute to the American musical this weekend with glitz, glamour, and games in “Show Tune Showdown” at the Folly Theater. The Theater District in New York City draws millions of persons to a variety of staged productions, and is a strong part of the American artistic […]

The Spectacular “Garden Party” 2017

As the gates at Thundering Oaks swing open, your approach along the curving driveway is a preview of the beautiful estate just down the lane. Towering oaks, a waterfall along a wooded creek, a placid lake and lovely flowers are all part of the Garden Party tableau that you’ll experience on June 17th. Our hosts […]